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Welcome to Hellga’s Kitchen!

We are glad you’re here!

We offer small-batch, hand-made artisan pickled products, with plans to sell at local fairs, fetes, and farmer’s markets. Future us will expand beyond pickled goods!

Our Hellga has pickle juice flowing through her veins. Pickling has been a part of her family’s traditions since the early 1900s. Sievers Sauerkraut (coming soon!) was only the beginning of this briny adventure. Pickled cucumbers followed naturally and has been a family tradition for generations!

Hellga has been perfecting her picklecraft her whole life, and launched Hellga’s Kitchen in 2017. Hellga’s Kitchen proudly serves Sievers’ pickles, and uses the same time-honored brine recipe to make other vegetables achieve their pickled best!

Pickling is a passion with us. Have veg, will pickle! We are continually trying new vegetables, spice blends, and ideas. Be on the lookout for fun new flavors!

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